Dan Nicolaescu


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Dan is a financial solutions engineer combining ingenuity with solid know-how and practical insights. Dan brings together an academic background in International Business Management and Economics, a degree in financial analysis and more than 10 years of experience in business support services focused on business financing, financial analysis and financial optimization.

Dan’s involvement is the cornerstone of any successful project. He fuels the lifeline of business, through a wide network of financing partners and a case-by-case tailored solution.

His dedication and hard work are only exceeded by his ability to create a full trust relation with the client and to nurture a competent and loyal team of financial specialists.

Dan is the Partner on Corporate Finance Services of Brexton (former More Outsourcing), an emerging company on the financial & financing services market.

Besides the management of the day-to-day accounting and reporting departments of Brexton, Dan’s experience covers specially designed projects, as follows:

  • Assisting SMEs in obtaining bank financing. Clients who trusted Dan include: Optiblu – one of the largest retailers in eyeglasses and other optical products; Smartree Romania – one of the largest HR outsourcing companies in Romania; Fleet Management Services (currently Business Lease) – a top operational leasing company; Oxigen Plus (currently member of Linde group) – a company making available oxygen tanks for healthcare use and other breathing and respiratory equipment; real estate investors looking for asset-leveraged bank financing;
  • Providing a complex range of services including financial analysis, due diligence assistance and transaction-related advice on M&A transactions, including: acquisition of Sover retail network by Optiblu (buy side advisor), acquisition of Oxygen Plus by Linde group (sell side advisor); acquisition of Fleet Management Solution by Business Lease (sell side advisor), acquisition of Smartree Romania by Cylatrea Investments (buy side advisor);
  • Coordinating the financial management of companies during insolvency and restructuring. Dan was involved in large corporate insolvency and restructuring procedures such as Miniblu – a large retailer of toys, clothes and other children related products; and Gipo – the largest retailer on the fishing, hunting and camping equipment market in Romania.

Email: dan.nicolaescu@fidasmart.com